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All Geared Up blue-yeti-microphone20181024_3 Blue Yeti USB Worst Microphone [REVIEW] Microphones streaming

Blue Yeti USB Worst Microphone [REVIEW]

The Blue Yeti USB surely is one of the most popular microphones out there!
But when put through testing it cannot compete or convince me from using it. Considering its price it might be feature-rich but does not exactly stack up to microphones costing less than half its price.
Why has it gotten this popular in the first place?

All Geared Up Shure-Beta-27-Unboxing.00_03_04_17.Still002 Shure Beta 27 - Specs And Review Microphones

Shure Beta 27 – Specs And Review

The Sure Beta 27 is an inconspicuous condenser mic that packs a punch! Don’t let its externals fool you. It is one of the most smooth and linearly responding microphones I have ever used under $500 USD!

All Geared Up C214-Unboxing-Review-YOUTUBE-facebook-1-1024x576 AKG C214 Unboxing & Review audio hardware Microphones

AKG C214 Unboxing & Review

The AKG C214 is a large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone. With just one polar pattern or one-sided 1-inch capsule, it is much more cost effective than it’s bigger brother, the C414. And yet, it claims to hold up to the same quality standards.

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