Podcast Gear Recommendations for 2020 | 4 kits / 4 price ranges

Launching a podcast or starting a streaming channel can be overwhelming by itself. Additionally, the choice of the right gear can lead to frustration due to the various options available. In this mini-guide, we will give four package options in 4 different pricing ranges. Thus, no matter your budget, you can find adequate gear recommendations proven to work in professional recording environments while, at the same time, providing a stable upgrading path for you in the future.

Elgato HD 60 S – Portable And Powerful Video Capture Card

With the HD60S, Elgato has introduced a powerful USB-C Video Capture Card that makes it easy to get all sorts of video streams into your system for either recording or streaming high-quality video content.
With recent Updates, it has even become possible to use your Elgato streams as webcam input to be used in video communication, like Skype, Discord, and more…
This might make the Elgato HD60S one of the most powerful video capturing devices for Windows users.

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