Get Better Audio With The Multi Functional BOYA BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone

Audio can be tricky! However, it does not have to be, nor does it have to be expensive. With the Boya BY-M1 you will get a budget clip-on microphone to cover most of your recording needs.
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Audio can be tricky! However, it does not have to be, nor does it have to be expensive. With the Boya BY-M1 you will get a budget clip-on microphone to cover most of your recording needs.


  • omnidirectional condenser lavalier microphone
  • connects to smartphones, mobile recorders and audio interfaces
  • low handling noise
  • includes clip, battery, foam windscreen and 1/4″ adapter
  • ON /OFF Switch
  • long 6-meter cable!

Additional Features:

  • Omni pickup pattern with 360-degree coverage
  • Frequency Range: 65Hz ~ 18kHz
  • Signal to Noise: 74dB SPL
  • connector: 3.5mm (1/8″) 4-pole gold plug
  • Battery Type: LR44

What’s In The Box?

After opening the poorly designes package (you can clearly see it is a lower end product), You are immediately presented with the microphone and all its accessories. And this is what you will get in this package:

  • Lav Microphone: Head, 3.5mm jack, power module with an ON/OFF switch (separate clip)
  • Lapel Clip
  • Foam Windscreen
  • 1/4″ Adapter
  • LR44 Battery
  • Manual
  • Notice about ON/OFF switch for smartphone or camera

Setting Things Up

As a microphone is, things are pretty straightforward here. Nevertheless, the manufacturer gives a notice on how to install the battery and how to use the ON/OFF switch. The round battery delivered in the package goes straight into the battery compartment, screw its head back and ready to go. Plug in and done!

Getting Started With Lavalier Microphones

The main reason why you want to get a lavalier microphone is to improve your audio recording quality by getting the microphone closer to your source (aka your mouth) and away from the camera. Now, why I think the Boya BY-M1 is a neat choice: It has a TSSR (3pin-connector) and can be used to record into your phone. This comes in handy if you want to record your audio separately without a dedicated recorder and still get better audio. Plus, it gives you the option to also record audio in your camera and sync it up later.
On the other hand, you can flip the switch and use it straight into a 3.5mm jack in a camera or dedicated audio recorder. Therefore I think it is a great deal for its flexible use.

Whenever you do not use the mic on a camera or recorder, you should be aware of setting the switch back to the OFF/smartphone position in order to not drain the battery and find yourself having to replace it sooner than you expected.


  • cheap way into external microphone
  • flexibility / multi-purpose use
  • long cable to get away from your camera
  • OK sound quality in relation to its price
  • windscreen, battery, and clip included
  • built quality seems solid


  • long cable
  • not the best audio quality (but what do you expect for its price?)
  • windscreens are a bit flimsy  and come off easily (expect to lose them soon if you leave them on and pack them away)
  • no replaceable parts. Luckily the product is not too expensive to replace


In my opinion, this is one of the better mics you can get for this little money. Sound quality is not reaching the quality of reference mics but for most productions, this will do more than fine. Its flexible use is a definite plus, as if I just can take one it will be more likely to choose this mic and change its use when needed instead of having to take two mics. Or, if you keep replacements for you, it will be 4 mics if you want to have to option to have a TSR and a TSSR mic with you.
The long cable is great to have if you have to run it into your camera. On the other hand, it is a downside having to deal with that much cable when you are just running it down into your pockets. But then, sacrifices have to be made, the extra cable is there in case you might need it.

Overall I am quite happy with this solution and I keep it around when I need better audio. I also started using it for video chat on my phone. Therefore I got myself a Rode Adapter which allows me to plug my headphones and two TSSR mics into my phone and get much better audio when talking to friends, business partners, possible clients or when doing live streams for social media (which becomes increasingly important!)

Not one regret buying this thing so far, except for the fact that I already lost my foam windscreen. *sad pandas*

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