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Podcast Gear Recommendations for 2020 | 4 kits / 4 price ranges

Launching a podcast or starting a streaming channel can be overwhelming by itself. Additionally, the choice of the right gear can lead to frustration due to the various options available. In this mini-guide, we will give four package options in 4 different pricing ranges. Thus, no matter your budget, you can find adequate gear recommendations proven to work in professional recording environments while, at the same time, providing a stable upgrading path for you in the future.

NZXT Kraken G12 GPU Mounting Kit

The NZXT Kraken G12 mounting kit is an easy way to water-cool any a large variety of graphics cards. More so, you do not even need to build a custom water cooling loupe and, instead, can use an All-In-One cooler to do so.

Canon G5x | Ultra Compact Camera for Vlogging And Streaming [REVIEW]

The Canon G5x has been released in 2017 but still holds its grounds despite the small sensor size. The main reason for its popularity is the feature-rich package, which makes it an excellent all-around camera favored by many vloggers. Compact size, great auto-focus, wifi, hot shoe adapter, articulated screen, and image stabilization make it the perfect camera to take with you every day.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone Review

Arguably the world’s #1 USB microphone. We put it through our testing and see if the Blue Yeti USB microphone can hold up to its hyped reputation.

Microsoft Wedge Two Finger Wireless Mouse

When using mobile computers you will often find yourself struggling to navigate the device with a built-in trackpad and wished for having a mouse in your bag when working off-site. However, due to the lack of space and convenience, we often leave a mouse at home. For once, regular mice are too big and others usually are too flimsy to use.

Shure Beta 27 – Specifications And Review

The Shure Beta 27 is a very natural sounding large diaphragm condenser microphone that packs a punch in the low-end. Besides that, with its near-linear frequency response, it is a very versatile microphone!

Rode ProCaster – The Ultimate Entry Level Podcasting Mic [REVIEW]

The Rode Procaster microphone promises high-quality broadcasting sound to a very competitive price. Can it hold up? Let’s find if this heavy beast of a microphone can bring your audio quality to the next level! Whether you are doing voice-overs, run a podcast or wanna use it for streaming, we will go over all the advantages and disadvantages, But listen for yourself!

AKG C214 Review

The AKG C214 is a well-rounded microphone, best suited for vocal recordings. Aside from it’s great capsule it can add quite some production value with it’s unique features.

How To Build DIY Acoustic Panels For Better Audio Quality

Sound is an important medium in our everyday world. Whether it is part of a video or stand-alone, we rely heavily on good sound. Treating your recording space can get you to the next level in terms of recording quality.

Professional acoustic panels are really, really helpful to dampen reverb while recording audio/video. If you, however, want to treat a full room it can easily add up and leave you with a huge bill.
Can you DIY-built professional grade acoustic panels?
Yes, it is possible and easier and cheaper than you might expect!

In this video, I compare different microphones and placements without and with room treatment. I will also lead you through the process of building your own acoustic panels and make your room sound more like a studio. The best part is the cost. One panel cam in at a material cost of 15 Euros. That is super cheap =)

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