Shure Beta 27 – Specs And Review

The Sure Beta 27 is an inconspicuous condenser mic that packs a punch! Don't let its externals fool you. It is one of the most smooth and linearly responding microphones I have ever used under $500 USD!




$ 399 USD

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SHURE Beta 27

Microphone Type:




Plar Pattern:

super cardioid

Frequency Range (min):

20 Hz

Frequency Range (max):

20 kHz


160 Ω

Self Noise

8.5 dB-A

SignalTo Noise (SNR):

85.5 dB-A

Pad Switch:



-15 dB

High-Pass Filter:

1 Hz

Roll-Off Frequency:

80 Hz


428 gr




natural frequency response
natural sound
minimal bleed
3 layered mesh grill
low mass gold diaphragm


sometimes too sensitive
often needs post-production
not suitable for live streaming
need additional pop-filter
can get boomy / proximity effect

What's In The Box?

Shure Beta 27 Microphone
Fitted Soft Punch
Hard Lock Mount
Microphone Stand Adapter

The Beta 27 has it all!

The Shure Beta 27 is one of the very few large diaphragm condenser microphones build for stage use.

Very few studio-grade microphones have such a high built-quality and can perform well under studio conditions and stage use alike.

When I first put this microphone on, I did not know what to expect. While having it side by side to the AKG C214, I found it super neutral and flat. The AKG seemed almost as a very hyped up microphone compared to the Shure Beta 27. Considering I found the C214 a very flattering sounding microphone already, this came with a surprise!

It is astonishing how smooth and “normal” this mic can sound. I am still debating whether I like to EQ it a little bit in post-production for voice over or if I’d prefer a more boosted microphone. I find myself constantly switching and changing my preferences here. Surely, the Sure is the most natural sounding microphone in its price range that I ever got to test out!

Daniel Hager

Daniel Hager

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